Photos of Intramuros

Built by the Spanish as a fortress in the 16th century and then used as a prison by the Japanese during WWII, Intramuros is almost as haunting as it is beautiful. The walls are colored with age, the floors are covered with the pressure of the thousands of pairs of feet that walked on it, both the booted and the barefooted.

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Valjean vs Javert – A Worldview Analysis

Valjean and Javert pose two completely different perspectives on the world and on how the world treats them. One could argue that the positions of Valjean and Javert go beyond mere individual perspectives but can even represent entire worldviews. Their perspectives are completely opposite from each other and thus create a very interesting dynamic. Javert, […]

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The Taste of Water

You are heartwarmth in winter You are the wind that rustles the orange and green ornaments, delicately clinging to wooden branches You are a lonely thought silently walking through my labyrinth mind, barefoot and curious You are golden silence at my breakfast table, the perfect mid-day sweetcake, and supper’s sparkling silverware You are the cold […]

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