A Song About Regret


How did you still grow so tall? I haven’t watered you at all.

But you still have some color in your leaves, and I still smell the fragrance in the breeze.

But for now, I have to move you from that shelf, I need space for something else,

But I promise you, I’ll water you, and give you enough sunlight everyday.

Still, I’m love with other petals, I have tasted something better,

I’ve fallen for the pollen, of a flower with such power, over me.

But why are your petals falling off? I didn’t think you were that soft,

Why are all your leaves starting to tear, I watered you, this isn’t fair.

Wait, I’ll put you back where you belong, I didn’t leave you for that long,

All the other flowers are all dead, I should have left you here instead,

Wait, your petals’ turning pink, Here! Drink some water from the sink,

I’m sorry, I just wanted to have fun, Oh my God, what have I done?


I’m intrigued by the iris leaves, how they’re dancing in the breeze,

But I don’t feel the thorns until I squeeze,

Poison ivy, lays beside me, caressing my skin,

But the rashes don’t show up ’til I give in,

I’m kissing tulips, dance with rose hips, laugh with lemon grass,

But the fragrance of the flower’s fading fast,

All the daisies, hibiscuses are pretty in the end,

But my Morning Glory is more beautiful than them.