The Taste of Water

You are heartwarmth in winter You are the wind that rustles the orange and green ornaments, delicately clinging to wooden […]

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Opium and Opera

When the Opium wears off,my bones begin to ache at every passing breeze,my muscles succumb to gravity’s will,and my skin […]

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By the Color of My Sin

Hearts only grow harder and¬†flesh is never thin, Some are much explicit while¬†others hold it in, Dare i let it […]

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  My shoulders are well oiled axles, my fists are cannon balls I am an uncompromised, uninhibited, and unchallenged fresh […]

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To Defend the Weak and the Fatherless - Using Media for Mission Work

Using Media for Mission Work - An overview of my future plans for using media-related skills (photography, videography, journalism) in missionary work.

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The Rule of Respect - In Short Prose

Respect. What is its nature? Like love and humor, its origins ought to be genuine.It cannot be forced upon or […]

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